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What is PocketQS

PocketQS was designed to assist Contractors, Project Managers, Architect's and Home Improvers with calculating quantities, receiving and comparing quotes from suppliers 24/7, as well as ordering products on-the-go, anywhere, any time.

How it works

Calculate on the Go

Choose one of many calculators to create product lists for a building project, fast and efficient.
Simplify your life.

Request and Compare quotes

Request quotes on your product lists from multiple suppliers, compare quotes and generate professional orders.
No more frustrating phone calls.

Browse thousands of products

Search through 1000's of products by name, category or supplier. Anywhere, anytime.

Purchase on account or pay by credit card

If you have an active account with the chosen supplier, generate an order and purchase on your account, or pay with your credit card.
Convenient and secure.

Track total spend by Project

Stay on top of your total spend per project and avoid expensive cost overruns.
Copies of all your orders at your finger tips.

Find suppliers fast

Search for suppliers by location or name, view their product catalogue, call, mail or navigate to them by the tap of your finger.
All their information in one place.

View online brochures

Select a supplier and view their products to find what you need, from anywhere you like.

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Sell on PocketQS

How it works

Expose your products to thousands of potential customers.
All you have to do is

Register as a Supplier or Wholesaler

List your products:

  • Use our easy-to-use online Supplier Portal to list your products
  • Download product file template
  • Upload your product file and images

Requests for Quote's

  • Customers send RFQ's straight to your sales department via email
  • Sales team send quotes to customers or done automatically by ourPocketQS portal, you decide.
  • Customer receives quotes on their mobile device, instantly.

Sell, Sell, Sell

  • Customers accept your quote, an order is generated and sent to your sales department.

Get Paid:

  • Account: Customers with an account with you can order on account
  • Cash: Cash orders are processed from within the app and payment confirmation is sent to you. Bulk payments are processed weekly from PocketQS to you.

Process Orders:

  • Invoice the customer and dispatch the products

Sales Reports at your fingertips

  • View sales by customer, store or sales executive on your Dashboard.
  • Track RFQ vs Orders vs Sales to ensure you stay competitive

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